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James Herrod Basham

(August 25, 1848 January 3, 1903)


Mary Ann (Polly) Phelps

(October 1846 August 31, 1932)




 Benajah Anderson Basham and Nancy E. Turner



 John (Johnnie) J. Basham



The year was 1848.  John Quincy Adams, the nation’s sixth president died.  The stage for the 1849 California Gold Rush was set when gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill.  That same year, James Herrod Basham was born on August 25th in Warren County, Kentucky and Wyatt Earp born in Warren County, Illinois.  In southern Warren County, Kentucky the town of Woodburn was founded. 


James’ future wife, Mary Ann (Polly) Basham had been born two years earlier on October 1846 in adjacent Butler County, Kentucky.  They married on November 16, 1868 in Edmonson County, Kentucky[1], and had the following children:




Birth date

Death date

Caroline Basham



Mary Jane Basham

Abt. 1870

Aft. 1880

Jenette (Nettie) Basham

December 17, 1873

June 24, 1949

John (Johnnie) J. Basham

April 12, 1875

October 10, 1897

George Washington Basham

April 14, 1879

May 28, 1950

Bennie Basham

January 5, 1885

February 17, 1918

Allie May Basham

August 1, 1886

January 5, 1958

Bermia (Burnie) Basham

Abt. 1890

Aft. 1922

Benaga A. Basham

September 1891

Aft. 1910



The 1850 census shows James as a three-year old son in the home of Anderson and Nancy Basham in Warren County, Kentucky.  He and his entire family were born in Kentucky.[4]


The 1860 census shows him as a 13-year old male in the home of Banjamin (sic) A. Basham.[5]  The full name is Benajah Anderson Basham.


The 1870 census shows him as a 22-year old farmer living in the household of B.A. Basham in nearby Bee Springs in Edmonson County, Kentucky.[6]


By 1880, he had established his own home.  The census shows him as a 33-year old farmer and resident of Renfrow in adjacent Butler County, Kentucky.  He was married to Mary A., age 34, who was "keeping house."  They had four children living with them: Mary J. Basham, age 10; Jenette Basham, age 7; John J. Basham, age 5; and George W. Basham, age 1.  All of them and their parents were born in Kentucky.[7]


The 1900 census shows a James Basham in Warren County Kentucky, just following a listing for Bartlett A. Basham.  His wife is once again shown as Mary.[8]


James died on January 3, 1903, in Warren County, Kentucky.[9]  According to a conversation Steve Reeves had with Willie Basham, Harrod Basham was buried at the Greenwood Union Meeting House.  There is a tombstone there for J.H. Basham who died in 1903 or 1904.[10]


The 1910 census for Warren County, Kentucky shows Polly as being 63 years old.  She is listed as "Pallie."  Her youngest son, Benage, then 19, was the only other person in the household.[11]


Polly died on August 31, 1932, in Warren County, Kentucky.[12]


Standing from left to right:  Mary Palestine Cockriel Hamill & Themie Hamill.  Seated from left to right: Jeanette 'Nettie' Basham Cockrill holding Themie Hamill's baby & Mary 'Polly' Ann Phelps Basham.][15]

Nothing concrete is known about her ancestry.  An emailed inquiry says of her, "I am looking for any information about a Phelps orphan girl, Polly Ann Phelps born about 1846.  Her parents died and she was raised by a family named Johnson. (according to my grandmother, who is still alive) - Polly was her grandmother. 


Another online genealogy said, “Family legend is she was Indian and adopted or raised by a family named Johnson in the Butler Co. KY area.”[13]


An online inquiry said, “One online genealogy inquiry said:  “Polly Ann Phelps was born in about 1846 in Butler Co., KY, and died August 21, 1932 in Warren Co. KY.  She married James Herrod Basham November 16, 1868 in Edmonson Co., KY, son of Benajah Basham and Nancy Turner.”  



Jeanette 'Nettie' Basham December 17, 1873-June 24, 1949 holding 2 babies (one of the babies is Themie Hamill's baby).  Photo made at the home of Polly Ann Phelps Basham in Warren Co. KY[14]  


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