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Trammell Conn

(July 15, 1801 — February 29, 1880)


Nancy Sturgeon

(March 13, 1806 — August 30, 1847)




 John Conn and Susanna Matthew

 Thomas Sturgeon and Sarah Hume


 Sarah E. Conn 



Trammell[1] Conn was born on July 15, 1801, somewhere in Kentucky.  That was the same year outgoing U.S. president appointed John Marshall was appointed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the House selected Thomas Jefferson as president breaking an electoral college tie between him and Aaron Burr and Kentucky outlawed dueling.  (Not that it did much good.)


Trammell's future wife, Nancy Sturgeon[2], was born five years later on March 13, 1806 in Jefferson County, Kentucky.  They married each other on February 13, 1823 in Jefferson County, Kentucky.[3]


They had seven children, all born in Kentucky: John T. Conn[4], William C. Conn[5], Trammel G. Conn[6], George W. Conn[7], Hume E. Conn [8], Nimrod (Nim) Sturgeon Conn [9] and then, finally, their only daughter, Sarah E. Conn[10].  The first three sons all died in the 1860s, ranging in age from 29 to 39 years old.


The 1830 census showed him as a resident of Jefferson County.[11]  The household contained:










1 - Between 0 and 5 

1 - Between 5 and 10

1 - Between 20 and 30 (Probably Trammel)  

2 - Between 60 and 70  


1- Between 20 and 30 (Probably Nancy)

1- Between 60 and 70



The 1850 census showed him as a 49-year old farmer and a resident of Jefferson County.  He owned property valued at $7,300.  His new wife, Jane Conn, a 45-year old female, was then living with him.  We do not know her maiden name, when they married or anything else about her.  From this census, however, we know she was born in Kentucky in about 1805.  


Trammell’s children, John T. Conn, age 22; William C. Conn, age 19; Trammel Conn, age 16; George Conn, age 12; H.E. Conn, age 10; Nimrod Conn, age 8; Sarah Conn, age 5 all were living with them.  All were born in Kentucky.  Trammel, George, W.E. and Nimrod all were in school within the past year.[12]


The 1860 census again shows him as a 58-year old farmer and resident of Jefferson County.  He had real property valued at $12,000 and personal property valued at $2,000.  Living with him were William C. Conn, age 29 and Hume E. Conn, age 21.[13]  Living near them was John T. Conn and his family.[14]



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