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Albemarle County, Virginia



Albemarle County was formed in 1744 by an act of the Virginia General Assembly. It assumed its present boundaries in 1777.  It was named in honor of William Ann Keppel, second Earl of Albemarle, who was then governor of the colony. The first county seat was located in Scottsville.  In 1761, however, county government was moved to Charlottesville, which was established as a town in 1762 and established as a city on 1888.  


Albemarle County was named for William Anne Keppel, second earl of Albemarle and governor of the Virginia colony from 1737 to 1754.  Albemarle County is approximately 100 miles southwest of Washington, D.C.

In 1762, the general assembly "established a town," which was named for Queen Charlotte, wife of George III.  Colonel Banastre Tarleton's raid in 1781 destroyed all the court order books. Court records, dating from 1748, escaped destruction.


Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, and Ash Lawn, the home of James Monroe are both in Albemarle County.  It is the birthplace of George Rogers Clark of Lewis and Clark.  Nearby is the birthplace of President John Tyler and the home of James Madison.  Patrick Henry lived there during the Revolution.




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