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Granville County, North Carolina



Granville County is located in north central North Carolina, nestled on the southern border of Virginia.  As an English colony, it was originally part of Edgecombe County, but by 1746 had a population large enough to allow it to become an independent county.  It is bounded on the north and northwest by Mecklenberg County Virginia and by Halifax County, Virginia.


Most of the land in the northern part of North Carolina was part of the domain of Lord John Carteret, who was one of the original eight "Lord Proprietors" of the "Province of Carolina."  He was known as the Earl of Granville and the county was named 'Granville' in his honor.  From the original Granville, several new counties were formed: Orange (1752), Bute (1764, which in turn became Franklin and Warren in 1779), and Vance (1881).

1895 map of Granville County


The county seat is Oxford.  It was originally the plantation home of Samuel Benton, who was Granville County's representative to the State Assembly in 1761.  He bought 1000 acres of land and built his home there.  In 1764, the Assembly determined that the area should be the county seat.

Granville is about 537 square miles and now has a population of about 49,000.






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