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Loudoun County, Virginia



Loudoun was originally a part of the six million acres in the Northern neck of Virginia granted by Charles II, King of England, to Lord Hopton, Earl of St. Albans, Lord Culpeper, Lord Berkeley, Sir William Morton, Sir Dudley Wyatt, and Thomas Culpeper in 1661.

The patentees, some years afterward, sold the grant to the second Lord Culpeper, to whom it was confirmed by letters patent of King James II, in 1688. From Culpeper the rights and privileges conferred by the original grant descended through his daughter, Catherine, to her son, Lord Thomas Fairfax.


The county was created in May 1757 and named in honor of Lord Londoun, a representative peer of Scotland, who, during the French and Indian war, had been appointed captain-general and governor-in-chief of the province of Virginia, and commander-in-chief of the British military forces in the Colonies.  Loudoun returned the honor by never even visiting the Colony of Virginia, much less Loudoun County.


The northwestern part of the County was known as the German Settlement.

It was originally settled by Germans, principally from Pennsylvania, but a few from New York, a few years after they had arrived from Germany. They came to Loudoun between the years 1730 and 1735.








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