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Mason County, Kentucky



Mason County, Virginia (later Kentucky) was formed from Bourbon County, Virginia. It was the 8th county to be formed.  It has an area of 241 miles.  Maysville is the county seat.


By 1785, two white settlers by the name of Arthur Fox and William Wood acquired 400 acres of land from Kenton and established the town of Washington in honor of the Revolutionary War hero who would later become President of the United States. The town of Washington was later to acquire the reputation as the place where Harriet Beecher Stowe, while visiting one of her pupils at the Col. Marshal Key Home, witnessed a slave auction in front of the courthouse, and her novel, ''Uncle Tom's Cabin'' reflected that experience. James A. Paxton, owner of the Paxton Inn in Washington, helped the Underground Railroad by hiding runaway slaves under a stairway until they could continue there escape northward.


Mason County was named for George Mason, the Virginian who wrote the constitution for his state, and who authored the United States Bill of Rights.



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