The Reeves Family and the Ewing Family Genealogies




Warren County, Kentucky

Warren County, KentuckyWarren County, Kentucky, is a 547 square mile county located in south central.  It was formed from Logan County in 1797 and named after General Joseph Warren, a Massachusetts physician and political leader, who died at the Battle of Bunker Hill.  The Barren River flows through the middle of the county and empties into the, and serves as the county's northwest border.

There have been members of the Reeves family in Warren County since about 1815.  They initially settled in the northern part of the county, near the Barren River and the communities of Richardsville and Anna.  A century or so later, they moved into Bowling Green, the county seat.

Warren County was, and is, an agricultural area.  The northern part of the county is not as lush as the southern part, but north is where the early Reeves settlers nevertheless went.  The northern sections are hilly, rocky and heavily covered with trees.  It may have been the trees—which could provide wood for housing and for fuel—that attracted them to the region.

Newcomers generally staked claims along water courses and in heavily forested areas that provided building supplies and fuel, avoiding the "barrens," a crescent shaped, woodless region extending from the present areas of Glasgow, Bowling Green, Franklin, Guthrie, and Hopkinsville.  Residents soon discovered that the barrens' soil was rich, not thin and poor as originally supposed, and concluded that perhaps the Indians had periodically burned the land to prevent forestation and encourage the growth of vegetation that attracted game.


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