The Reeves Family and the Ewing Family Genealogies




George Webb Reeves 

and Allie Elizabeth Reeves Footnotes


[1]  Promissory note from George Webb Reeves to J.H. Alexander.

[2]  Doile Dennis Reeves conversation, supra.

[3]  Warren County, Kentucky Will Book 6, Page 274.

[4]  Typewritten dated September 30, 1922, from "Allie L. Reeves, widow" and her children to Eugene 

      Miller.  The original was in the papers of Doile Dennis Reeves.  It is in the possession of Brian 

      Reeves in 2004.  There is no indication on the deed that it was recorded.

[5]  Warren County (Kentucky) Order Book 15, page 362, shows that "Allie Reeves" was the guardian 

      of Ray Reeves for funds from the estate of G.W. Reeves, December 23, 1925.

[6]  A bill of sale shows that "Mrs. G.W. Reeves" of Bowling Green, Kentucky Route 6, bought a 1921 

      Model T Ford 5-passenger touring car on November 22, 1923.  This document was in the papers of 

      Doile Dennis Reeves and is now in the possession of Brian Reeves.

[7]  Her date and place of death are shown in Kentucky Death Records Online, Volume 31, Certificate 

     15046.  Her cause of death came from the Doile Dennis Reeves conversation referenced above.

[8]  Courier-Journal obituary of Allie Elizabeth Reeves dated "June 4." 1924.

[9]  Statement from John M. Gerard, Dr., Funeral Director and Embalmer" dated October 27, 1925, for 

      funeral services.


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