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George William Reeves 

and Footnotes



[1]   His exact date of birth is difficult to determine.  Estimates have ranged from 1775 to 1780.    

       Though he is shown in census records over a period of time, back then ages were shown in 

       ranges.  For instance, the 1810 United States Census for Madison County, Kentucky shows him 

       as being “between 27 and 45” years old.  That would mean he was born between 1765 and 1787.  

       By calculating various records, the 1780 date appears the most likely.

[2]   Mary E. Ahern.  Gendex posting.  This posting shows his county of birth and his middle name.  

       However, LDS IGI record number 1985244 says that he was born about 1775 in Granville, North 


[3]   William Reeves, the patriarch of this Reeves family when they came to Kentucky, was born in 

       about 1740.

[4]   Born about 1770 in Granville, North Carolina.  He apparently was somewhat less prosperous than 

       his younger brother George, since, according to the 1810 United States Census for Madison 

       County, Kentucky, he owned one slave compared to the two George owned.

[5]   Jeremiah was born in about 1782 in Granville, Colony of North Carolina.  He married Deborah  

       Lanham in Madison County on January 17, 1805.  Jeremiah and his descendants remained in   

       Madison County, Kentucky when George and the rest of the family moved further west.  

       Jeremiah’s son was born there in 1817, after George and others in their family had moved to 

       Warren County, and his grandchildren were born there in the 1840’s.  By 1850, however, as 

       shown by the United States Census, he was a resident of Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

[6]   Benjamin F. Reeves.  Monograph (1979.)

[7]   Mary E. Ahern.  Gendex posting.

[8]   1810 United States Census for Madison County, Kentucky, pages 218 and 219.  George was 

       shown as being between 27 and 45 years old.  His wife was shown as being between 17 and 26.  

       They had 3 "Free White Males Under 10" and one "Free White Female Under 10" living with 

       them.  The household also included a "Free White Female Over 46" and two slaves.

[9]   Susan Reeves was born January 8, 1805 , Walter Avis Reeves was born March 8, 1806 , Curtis F. 

       Reeves was born January 24 1808 and Jesse Britt Reeves was born about 1809.  All were born in 

       Madison County, Kentucky.

[10] Peter M. Reeves was born on October 19, 1810 .

[11] Perrin, W.H., Kentucky:  A History of the State, F.A. Battery Publishing Company in 1885, on 

       page 202, in a biography of Walter A. Reeves.

[12] Perrin, supra.

[13] In the War of 1812 more than half of all Americans killed in action were Kentuckians.

[14] William Harrison Reeves was born on November 26, 1814 in Madison County, Kentucky. 

[15] He served in the War of 1812 until late 1813 or early 1814, his son William Henry Harrison was 

       born in Madison County on November 26, 1814 (suggesting he was home by February of that 

       year; his son Sidney Preston Reeves was born in Warren County on in August 1817.

[16]1810 and 1820 United States Censuses for Warren County, Kentucky.

[17] Baird, and Carol Crowe-Carraco, “History of Warren County, .”

       (, 1997)

[18] 1820 United States Census for Warren County, Kentucky, page 1.

[19] Sidney Preston Reeves had been born on August 19, 1817 in Warren County, Kentucky.  He 

       married Perlina Ann Hall and moved further westward to Ballard County, where they lived the rest 

       of their lives.

[20] There was one male and one female slave between 14 and 25 years old, another male slave and 

       three female slaves under age 14.

[21] Warren County, Kentucky Order Book F, 1824 - 1832, page 10. July 7, 1824.

[22] It was common in those years for men to hold sole title to real estate, even if married.

[23] Warren County Deed Book 12, page 175.  A portion of the deed follows: "This indenture made this 

       23rd day of August, 1824, between Mary Higginson, William Williams and Hull Higginson, 

       executors of George Higginson, dec'd of the one part and George Reves of the other part. 

       Witnesseth:  that whereas the said George Higginson by his last will and testament proven & 

       recorded in the Office of the County Court of Henderson directed his executors to sell a certain 

       tract of land lying in Warren County which he recovered from the heirs of Spencer Morgan by a 

       decree of the Circuit Court of Warren County . . . ."

[24] Warren County Deed Book 12, page 334, March 11, 1926.  "Being the tract of land patented to 

      Spencer Morgan as part of a military warrant No. 2845."  The property was patented to Spencer 

      Morgan as part of his military warrant.

[25] Warren County Deed Book 12, page 336, dated October 20, 1826.  The property was the same 

       tract as in the prior two deeds and the sale price once again was $430.   ". . . it being the same 

       tract of land for which a patent ifsued (sic) to Spencer Morgan by a decree of the Circuit Court of  

       Warren County 4th October 1799."  In the last two deeds, George’s last name was spelled 

       “Reves.”  It was not uncommon at the time for recording clerks to use their imagination in spelling 

       names of people, especially those who could not read and write.

[26] May 8, 1824.

[27] Warren County Clerk's office, Will Book D, page 3.

[28] Warren County Clerk’s office, Will Book D, page 141, on July 7, 1828

[29] Warren County, Kentucky Order Book F, 1824 - 1832, page 110.

[30] One wonders why, of the several slaves George William Reeves mentioned in his will, all were to 

       be kept by the family except one, Lusty.  Were there economic reasons why, or, perhaps, did his 

       unfortunate name indicate the reason why he was the only one to go?

[31] 1830 United States Census for Warren County, Kentucky.


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