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Benjamin Runner

(April 23, 1806 — May 12, 1878)


Sidna Ann Cruse

(August 13, 1803 — November 12, 1882)




 Adam Runner and Elizabeth (Betsy) Miller

 James Cruse and Sally Unknown


 Sarah Ann Runner



Benjamin Runner was born in Boyle County, Kentucky, in the south central part of the state on April 23, 1806.[1]  His wife, Sidna Ann Cruse, was born three years earlier, on August 13, 1803 in Virginia.  They married on January 9, 1829 in Warren County, Kentucky.[2]



Picture of Benjamin Runner and 

Sidna Ann Runner from a website located at



They had eight children, all born in Warren County.  The names, birthdates and dates of death of each follow.




June 14, 1829

November 28, 1888

Harriet Elisabeth Runner

July 4, 1831

December 29, 1894

Sarah Ann Runner

December 30, 1834

March 4, 1919

William M. Runner

June 7, 1837

August 12, 1924

Mary Jane Runner

December 15, 1839

March 26, 1911

Susan Runner

January 1, 1844

June 25, 1930

Louisa Francis Runner

July 3, 1848

March 10, 1904

Emily Runner

Aft. August 21, 1850




The 1850 United States Census for Warren County, Kentucky lists him as a 44-year old farmer who was born in Kentucky.  It shows his wife as Sidney (sic) Ann Cruse and as being 46 years old and two years older than her husband.  She was born in Virginia.[3]


In 1860, the census showed her—as Sidna Cruse Runner—to be 50 years old, and 4 years younger than her husband.[4]  Amazingly, she had managed to age only four year in the preceding decade!  


With Benjamin and Sidna were several of their children: William, age 22 and listed as farming; Jane, age 17; Susan, age 15; Louisa, age 13; and Emily, age 10.  Also living with them was a twelve-year old boy named George Dean.  Both Benjamin and Sidna were listed as persons over the age of thirty who could not read and write.


In 1870, the census showed her to be 60 years old and 5 years younger than her husband.[5]  She did, however, manage to age ten years in the preceding decade, keeping pace with the rest of the universe.


Benjamin died on May 12, 1878 and Sidna died on November 12, 1882, both in Warren County, Kentucky. They are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Warren County.


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