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Edward Walton, III

(About 1719 After August 31, 1791)


Frances Thompson

(About 1723 Unknown)




 Edward Walton and Elizabeth Mason

 Unknown and Unknown


 Thompson Walton



Edward Walton was born in about 1719 (a year before the county was formed) and his future wife, Frances Thompson in about 1723, both in Hanover County, Virginia.  It was in Hanover County where the two married in about 1742.[1]  


Patrick Henry's family home, built in 1719


 And it was in Hanover County that their twelve children were born.


Okay, not those Waltons, but the ones listed below.




Date of birth

Date of death

Elizabeth Walton

September 17, 1743


Agnes Walton

January 7, 1745

After 1787

Thompson Walton

January 4, 1747

September 3, 1827

Ison Thompson Walton

March 15, 1750

March 5, 1832

Richmond Walton

June 27, 1753

After November 7, 1831

Salley Walton

April 21, 1756

October 9, 1767

Ann Nancy Walton

About 1757


Lucrecy Walton

December 4, 1764


Betty Walton

August 3, 1765


Sally Walton

October 9, 1767


Milley Walton

June 6, 1770


John Walton

June 22, 1774




A 1763 list of Virginia real property owners showed Edward owning 300 acres of land.[2]


Edward’s will left property, including his slaves, to his children.



I Edward Walton for love and affection to my children and grand children and for 5 shillings pd. by my son Ison Walton and for his undertaking to pay a debt which I owe to Charles Thompson Ware have sold to my son all my slaves in trust: to my son Thomson Walton: Sam and Mol with future increase; to son Ison Walton for his life: Venus, lydia, Charity, Lory, Fanny and Riah and their increase and after his death the sd. slaves to be equally divided among his children if any; if any of his children die in his life time leaving issue then the part of such child to go to such issue; to son Richmond Walton for life; Nat and Nel and future increase; after his death to be equally divided among all his children but if any of them die during his life leaving issue then the part of the child so dying to go to such issue.

        Signed 6 Apr 1791 by Edward Walton

        Wit: Will Thomson Jr., Francis Mills, John Sims

        7 Apr 1791 proved by oaths of William Thomson and Francis Mills[3]



In a Hanover County deed dated August 31, 1791, Edward Walton’s land is mentioned as a boundary in a deed when his son, Ison, with Ison's wife Elisabeth sold 87 acres to Samuel Moody.  It is thought that Edward owned land along the Little River, opposite the land of John and Mary Sims Walton.[4]


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