Information About the Reeves & Ewing Family

The genealogy services collect information about the Reeves and Ewing family. Since many people share those last names, let me define them further for you. These families are the ones who have been situated in Southern Kentucky for many years, in the Warren County (Bowling Green) and Allen County (Scottsville) areas.

The Reeves Family
Headshot of Reeve
Headshot Johnnie Ethel Basham
Kentucky map with blue background
Headshot of Nannie Maude Spears
Head shot of Lacy Leroy Ewing

Reeves family. A good place to start is the history of the Reeves family name, and you will learn that the name has been around for at least a thousand years, which is about as old as some of us are.

The next place you might want to venture is the mini-description of Warren County, Kentucky. The family arrived there about 1816 and has squatted and lived there ever since.

Ewing family. The Ewing family is a little different, and there is less information about it. It did reside in Allen County, Kentucky, for a while, but how it got there is less certain. "Ewing," though, is Scottish. Visit the Ewing family name to learn a little about your Scottish heritage.

Just below is a chart showing the first few generations of the Reeves Family and the Ewing family, starting with:

Doile Dennis Reeves and Johnnie Ethel Basham

and with

Lacy Leroy Ewing and Nannie Maude Spears.

Once you get started, you can access other ancestors of the same family by using the buttons on the left. Before you go there, however, you might want to ask yourself a couple of questions:

Which one of your ancestors helped to form Allen County? Click here to find out.

Map of Kentucky

Which one of your ancestors taught George Washington surveying? Find out here.

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Which one of your ancestors explored Kentucky with Daniel Boone? Click the picture and see.


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Reeves Family Ancestors

Fourth Generation

James H. Reeves
Sarah Ann Runner

Next generation above

John V. Price
Sarah E. Conn

Next generation above

James Herrod Basham
Mary Ann (Polly) Phelps

Next generation above

George W. Miller
Eliza Carolyn Pharis

Next generation above

Third Generation

George Webster Reeves
Allie Elizabeth Price

John J. Basham
Ada C. Miller


Doile Dennis Reeves
Johnnie Ethel Basham

Ewing Family Ancestors

Fourth Generation

John Alexander Ewing
Mary F. Warder

Next generation above

John Scott Godley
Amanda M. Fitzallen

Next generation above

Chas. Thompson Spears
Melisa Ann Boucher

Next generation above

John Moore Smith
Mary Elizabeth Conyers

Next generation above

Third Generation

John Henry Ewing
Mary Scott Godley

Edward Franklin Spears
Laura Francis Smith

Second Generation

Lacy Leroy Ewing
Nannie Maude Spears

First Generation