John Conn (About 1761 — About 1840)

Susanna Matthew (Unknown — Unknown)
Parents: Hugh Conn, Jr.
Mary Trammel
Son: Trammel Conn

John Conn was born in Loudoun County, Virginia, to Hugh and Mary (Trammel) Conn in about 1761. The family moved to Kentucky in about 1780. He married Susanna Matthew on September 5, 1797, in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

They had ten children, as follows:

Coxen Conn Aft. 1840
Matilda Conn
William Conn
John Conn, Jr. February 15, 1799 October 11, 1886
Trammel Conn July 15, 1801 February 29, 1880
Thomas Conn About 1810 After 1870
Susan Conn About 1812 After 1870
Mary A. Conn About 1816 After 1850
David Oliver Conn About 1818 July 31, 1877
Nimrod About 1820 After 1850

John died in about 1840 in Kentucky, probably either in Jefferson County or Union County, where many of his children lived at the time of his death.

The information about John and Susanna all came from various online genealogies. No primary sources were found.