Ephriam Spears (1777 — After 1830)

Sarah (Sally) Susan Walton (August 15, 1778[1] — After July 18, 1853 )

Ephriam Spears was born in 1777 and his future wife a year later. The Revolutionary war was raging. We do not know for sure where they were born, but they later married in Virginia, which was at the heart of the action.

Ephriam Spears married Sally Walton on November 24, 1802 in Albemarle County, Virginia. Ephraim Spears and John Hammaker signed a marriage bond "in the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars" on "this 23nd day of November 1802. The bond said the "marriage is shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound Ephraim Spears and Sally Walton of Albemarle County."[2]

They had three children for whom we know names: Charles Thompson Spears[3], Elizabeth Spears[4] and William W. Spears[5]. The 1820 census for Allen County, Kentucky, however, shows Ephram (sic) Spears, aged 27-45, as having 3 sons under 10, 2 sons 10-16, 4 daughters under 10 and 1 daughter 10-16. Living next to Ephraim is an older couple, “Wm. Spears and female.” These were likely Ephraim’s parents.[6] We do not know the names of Ephriam and Sally’s other children.

An Allen County, Kentucky deed record showed that Ephriam Spears of Allen County, Kentucky bought for $200 a tract of land from (his father) William Spears, Sr. William Spears signed the deed. The property was 200 acres on the waters of Little Trammels Creek and was designated as the property "where I now reside." The transaction was attested by Elijah Upstegrove(?), Austin ONeale and Thompson Spears. William Spears, Sr. had obtained the property from William Lamarr.[7]

A document filed in the Allen County deed records showed that William Spears " on December 27, 1824, "delivered unto Ephraim (sic) Spears all my stock . . . household and kitchen furniture . . . $150" The document was attested by Elijah ____rove, Austin ONeal and Thompson Spears. It was signed by William Spears.[8]

The 1830 census showed Ephriam as the head of a household consisting of one adult male between fifty and sixty (himself), one male between fifteen and twenty, two females between five and ten, two females between ten and fifteen, one female between fifteen and twenty.[9] No record found to date indicates where Sally was at that time.

An Ephraim (sic) Spears served in the War of 1812. He was a private in the 3rd Regiment of Miller's Kentucky Militia. There is no assurance this is the same Ephraim Spears.[10]