Henry Warder (December 28, 1796 — About 1848)

Louisa Ledbetter Page (1800 — After 1840)
Parents: Joseph Warder, Sr. and Esther Ford
Daughter: Mary F. Warder

Henry Warder was a farmer and a slave owner. He was born on December 28, 1796 in Fauquier County, Virginia,[1] but moved to Barren County, Kentucky in 1807 with his parents and siblings.[2] Barren County was then eight years old, a year younger than Henry.

The 1810 census shows his father, Joseph Warder, Sr., as the head of a household consisting of one male between ten and fifteen (Henry), another between sixteen and twenty-five, another forty-five or over (Joseph). In addition, there were two females between ten and fifteen and another forty-five or over.[3] His brothers Walter and Joseph, Jr. lived nearby.

The 1830 census shows him as a resident of Barren County.[4] He is between thirty and forty and there was with him in the house another male between eighty and ninety years old. There were two females under five and another between twenty and thirty (probably Louisa).

He owned eight slaves, two males under ten, two males between twenty-four and thirty-six, three females between ten and twenty-four and one female between thirty-six and fifty-five.

Also listed in that census were Joseph Warder, William H. Warder and William P. Warder.

The 1840 census for Barren County[5] showed him as the head of a household including himself (listed as a male between forty and fifty), two boys between five and ten, two girls between ten and fifteen (one of them of course, was his daughter Mary F. Warder, born in 1828) and a female (probably Louisa) between the ages of forty and fifty.

The family then owned seven slaves, two males between ten and twenty-four, one male between twenty-four and thirty-six, one male between fifty-five and a hundred, one female between twenty-four and thirty-six and two females between thirty-six and fifty-five.

Four people in the household were engaged in agriculture.

In his will, Henry Warder mentioned the names of two slaves, Amanda and Priss.[6]