Joseph Warder, Sr. (December 5, 1752 — 1832)

Esther Ford (April 13, 1773 — March 11, 1816)
Parents: William Warder and Mary Fairfax
Thomas Ford and Jane Milstead
Son: Henry Warder

Joseph Warder, Sr. was born on December 5, 1752 in Charles County, Maryland. Charles County is on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, just across the Potomac River from Quantico, Virginia and abutting the southern part of what is now the District of Columbia. Esther Ford was born a little over two years later on April 13, 1755 somewhere in Maryland.

They married in Charles County, Maryland on June 18, 1773. They had the following children, all born in nearby Fauquier County, Virginia:

John Warder 1774
Mary Molly Warder January 18, 1777
Nancy Warder October 19, 1780
Joseph Warder October 17, 1781
Elizabeth Warder February 1, 1784
William Warder 1786
Walter Henry Warder December 13, 1787
Henry Warder December 28, 1796
Esther Warder March 10, 1798
Mary Judith D. Warder April 1844[2]

Tax records in 1799 showed that he was still in Fauquier County.[3]

1799 tax records1

The 1810 census shows him in Barren County, Kentucky as the head of a household consisting of one male between ten and fifteen (Henry), another between sixteen and twenty-five, another forty-five or over (Joseph). In addition, there were two females between ten and fifteen and another forty-five or over. The next person listed was his son Walter Warder. Two more people down, Joseph, Jr. was listed.[4]

She died on March 11, 1816 in Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky.[5]

He died in 1832 in Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky. An 1832 will abstract shows he owned three slaves when he died. They were named Rachel, Mahaly and Harry.[6]