William Spears (Unknown — After 1824)

Spouse Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Son: Ephriam Spears

He is listed in the 1820 census for Allen County, Kentucky as being over 45 and married to a woman who is also over 45.

(Actually, since Ephriam was born in 1777, we can guess that he was at least 65 or more at that time.) There were no children in their household.[1]


Allen County, Kentucky real estate records showed that William Spears, Sr. of Allen County, Kentucky sold on December 27, 1824, for $200, a tract of land to (his son) Ephriam Spears. The deed was signed by William Spears. The property was 200 acres on the waters of Little Trammels Creek and was designated as the property "where I now reside." The transaction was attested by Elijah Upstegrove(?), Austin ONeale and Thompson Spears. William Spears, Sr. had obtained the property from WIlliam Lamarr.[2]

A document filed that same day showed that William Spears " on December 27, 1824, "delivered unto Ephraim (sic) Spears all my stock ... household and kitchen furniture... $150." It was attested by Elijah ____rove, Austin ONeal and Thompson Spears. It was signed by William Spears.[3]