Lester Dennison Reeves

Lester Dennison Reeves was born on May 9, 2022. He attended Western Kentucky University (then Western Kentucky State College) until he was drafted into the Army in World War II. After basic training and ___ training, he was offered an opportunity to enroll in a two-year program in physics at Yale University. After one year, he was posted in Europe as a mortar operator.

While in Germany during the latter days of the war in Europe, he was shot through the wrist. He was given a choice between staying with his unit at the front or pulling back for two years of R&R. He chose the latter. When it came time to rejoin his unity, only two were still alive.

Later, as his new unit pushed into Germany, he was one of the first across Remagen Bridge, the last bridge standing before reaching Berlin. Once across, the German army pushed back and, as he and others hid in a nearby woods, they leveled fifty caliber anti-aircraft machine guns at the soldiers in hiding, mowing down several trees in the process.

After the war in Europe concluded, he was recommended for a Bronze Star for heroism. He was then given a choice between staying in Europe and going home to his wife of two years with whom he had been able to spend two weeks before departing for Europe. He went home and that was the last he heard of it . . . until 57 years later.

He went to Washington, DC for the law school graduation of his eldest grandson. Unbeknownst to him, the day after the graduation, the family went to the the U.S. Senate where Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky presented him with the award.